Public Safety

Parkside Police Department

Chief Thomas Murray

22 E. Elbon Road., Parkside PA 19015

Station Phone: 610-876-0249 - Fax: 610-876-5417 - Police Dispatch 9-1-1

Parkside Police Department website:

For emergency or non-emergency police response always dial 9-1-1.

The Parkside Police Department is requesting that every home owner make their house numbers visible from the street. The Borough Code requires these numbers to be four inches in height. This is not only a Borough Ordinance, it may also save your life! In the event of an emergency this could save time when emergency personnel are trying to locate your home, so please take a look at your house and if your house number is not visible from the street. Please make arrangements to have this problem resolved so that we can find and help you if the need should arise.

Please keep your vehicle doors locked and valuables out of view. Suspects are looking for unlocked vehicles that they can enter to take your belongings, such as money, iPods, or any easy items to grab. If you see anyone suspicious walking around during any time of the day or night, please call 9-1-1 with a description of the person and a direction of travel. The public are the ears and eyes of our community.

Please remember that certain documents need to be shredded, such as airline boarding passes. Shred them after use as they have your name and personal information on the bar code. This Code often reveals your frequent flier number, which crooks can use to log in to air accounts to view upcoming travel plans.

Remember to dispose of prescription bottles correctly. Black out your information on the bottle before throwing it out. Thieves may use this information to refill prescriptions and steal your identity. Shred all receipts that you don't save, especially credit card receipts that reveal your card number and possible signature. Keep records of major events and shred the rest!!

Below is the link for the Parkside PD Application for Employment:

Parkside PD Application for Employment


Parkside Fire Company

107 W. Roland Rd., Parkside PA 19015

Station Phone: 610-872-6136 - Fax: 610-872-6159 - Emergency: 9-1-1

Parkside Fire Company website:

Parkside Fire Company provides Fire & EMS protection for about 2,500 residents and small businesses in our Primary local and provide mutual aid to surrounding communities. We also provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) with full time paramedics From Crozer Chester Medical Center. The Fire Department schedules its regular business on Tuesday evenings. Feel free to stop by on any Tuesday night at around 7:00 PM and speak with anyone of our members. We will be more than happy to show you around. The 1st and 4th Tuesday - fire drill night, The 2nd Tuesday - EMS drill night, The 3rd Tuesday - Company Meeting. For more information visit our web site by clicking here.