Trash & Recycling

Grass clippings and yard waste are not recyclable with plastics, glass and mental.

Wood and branches (no more than 2 inches thick) should be cut to no more than 4 feet long, should be bound with twine, rope or heavy tape.

Mattresses and box springs must be wrapped in sealable bags.

Upholstered furniture that is visibly infested with insects (fleas, roaches or bed bugs) will be tagged and will not be picked up until the issue is addressed by bagging with mattress bag.

Carpets and carpet padding should be cut to no more than 4 foot lengths and bounded.

Bulk pickup day is on Fridays until further notice. No more than 3 items may put out.

* Please see more information at bottom of page.


** URGENT NOTICE ** Medical waste was discovered at the county dump that turned out to be iodine in a white trash bag in one of the trucks that had made a pickup in our Borough! All trash is scanned at the dump to be certain hazardous waste is not mixed with regular trash. Some examples of hazardous waste is blood-related items, needles, blades and cancer drugs. This type of waste can cause injury or infection.

When medical waste is found among regular trash, a special HazMat team must be called to search the trash and separate it from the hazardous waste. The trash truck cannot be used until it has been thoroughly sanitized and the truck is put out of service until that is accomplished. Your Physician or Nurse should advise you in the protocol of the disposal of these types of hazardous wastes.

If you are found to be the one who disposed of this you can be fined a minimum of $5,000 plus other expenses...and even prison time! This is very serious, as the borough may be fined $5,000 -- and this is money that would have to be used from the budget!

To inquire with any questions regarding this -- you may call Borough Hall -- or bring the waste to the Fire Hall or the company that gave you those types of supplies.

In addition, any pills or medications should not be thrown in the toilet or sink as this infects the water system! You may bring those types of medications to Borough Hall for disposal.

Any questions, feel free to contact the Emergency Management Center, Rob Powers at 610-636-0761. Thank you! Parkside Council

Normal house trash pickup is Tuesdays and Fridays, except on holidays.

Recycling is the first and third Wednesdays of the month, except on a holiday.

Recyclables cannot be in any type of trash bag or they will no longer be taken. Therefore, put your recyclables directly into the can or receptacle without bagging it! We have been told by B&N that there is too much general trash within the recycled materials so when they reach a certain amount of trash within a specific load they must reject the entire load.

We have encouraged our residents to recycle glass, plastic, paper and aluminum. You may recycle cardboard egg containers, newspaper, clean pizza boxes, glass jars, plastic bottles (no caps) and many other household products.

Please make sure all glass containers are clean, no food products, no wood, no wet snow or moisture, no hoses, no yard waste, no metal and no plastic bags are to be put with recycling materials.


Wednesday bulk trash has been suspended due to COVID -19.

Please refer to our Borough calendar for heavy trash pickup.

Heavy trash is the last Wednesday of the month, EXCEPT the month of December, in which we do not have a heavy trash pickup scheduled. Any mattress put out forheavy trash MUST be covered in plastic or in a mattress bag or it will NOT be picked up. According to the Borough Code, please do not put your trash out more than 24hours ahead of the scheduled pickup.

Objects B & L Trash Hauler will NOT take are as follows;

Tires with rims (tires without rims are fine) construction debris, plate glass, vehicle parts, refrigerators, air conditioners, humidifiers, televisions, propane tanks, gas grills, and lawnmowers.

Any yard waste such as branches or shrubberies must be cut into four (4) foot sections and bundled for pick up.

For further information call B & L Trash Hauler @ 484-326-9774