Fire Marshal

The Parkside Borough Fire Marshal is Robert Powers and can be reached by calling the Borough Office at 610-876-3659.

As a reminder to our residents, anytime an official of the Borough is performing duties in the Borough, they will have either a badge or official identification. Do not hesitate to ask for identification.

The Fire Marshal will be inspecting all commercial properties within the Borough. All business or property owners will be charged a fee for this first inspection but shall be charged for any follow-up inspection, unless there is a violation found. In accordance with the Borough's Fire Code, the Fire Marshal has the ability to issue non-traffic citations for any fire or safety hazards that are found.

The Fire Marshall does investigate all fires within the Borough as soon as possible to determine the cause of the fire; carelessness, accident or arson. The collection of evidence is relevant and will notify proper authorities whether it is the State officials or local law enforcement.

Authorities will prosecute any individual who intentionally sets a fire where the property is destroyed or loss of a life. The Fire Marshal works closely with the Parkside Fire Company, Borough Council, Code Enforcement Officer, and the Parkside Police Department. In the event, any resident may have a fire, first get out of the structure and then call 911.