Clean Streams

Citizens can help report violations or problems that they notice in their local streams before they cause more damage or pollution. Residents sometimes may be the first to recognize "illicit" discharges being directed into our storm sewers or flowing out of the storm sewer outfall pipes into the streams.

Dry weather flows from storm sewer outfall pipes after 72 hours or more without rain should be reported to your Borough for investigation.

You can help by promptly reporting the following events:

- Sediment leaving a construction site during rain events and other construction violations (Delaware County Conservation District)

- Observed pollution event or pollutants in stream (DEP)

- Clogged , leaking or overflowing sanitary sewer lines (Delcora)

- Spills, hazardous materials (DEP OR PEMA)

- Illegal dumping into water courses or storm sewers (Parkside Borough or DEP)

- Fish kills ( Pennsylvania Fish Commission , DEP)

- Water main breaks (Chester Water Authority, DEP).

Here are the hotlines for reporting the above events:

DEP Water Quality Complaint Hotline - 484-250-5900 or 484-250-5991 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or 800-541-2050 (anytime, toll free)

Delaware County Conservation District - 610-892-9484

Delcora - 610-876-5523 (Press 2) or 911)

PA Fish Commission - 717-626-0228

PA DEP - 484-250-5990

Parkside Borough - 610-876-3659

Chester Water Authority - 610-876-8181 (24 hour service)