Board of Health

If you ever have problems with food service in the Borough or other towns, bring it to the attention of the store's manager. Normally the complaint is as simple as a wrong drink or the food is cold or not what you ordered. They should correct the problem immediately to your satisfaction.

If the complaint is about cleanliness in the service area, eating area, rest rooms, someone not wearing protective gloves/apron, someone who appears to be ill or coughing or does not appear to be clean and hygiene is poor (in your opinion) please notify the Borough's Health Officer immediately, either by contacting the Borough Office.

Remember to stop the spread of germs and the Norovirus by washing your hands frequently; do not touch your face or mouth. The best remedy for stopping the spread of germs is the simple fact of washing your hands on a consistent basis, with soap and water for 20 seconds, rinse and dry.