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Electronic Recycling

When; May 9, 2020,  9:00  – Noon

Where; Parkside School Parking Lot.

B&L Disposal is offering electronic recycling in the Borough of Parkside. There will be NO charge for the disposed televisions or covered devises.

As per the Pennsylvania covered devise recycling Act #108 covered devices are: Televisions, monitors, computers and peripheral devices which include items that can be plug into a computer such as keyboards, mice printers, printer/scanner/copier all-in-one devices, networking equipment, etc.

NON-Covered Devices are household electronic devices that are not a covered device as previously defined. These include devices such as: vcr/dvd/blu-ray players, telephones, cell phones, gaming systems, cable of set boxes, stereos, radios, cables, electronic wiring, vacuum cleaners, toasters, video cameras, answering machines, Mp3 players, etc.


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Parkside Borough Council would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new web site which will provide you with helpful reminders and information. This site will be updated periodically, so please come back often!!.  If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact our Borough office, Code Officer or Council member. Thank you.

Shirley Purcival, President

Dominic (Nick) Capobianco, Public Safety, Public Works, Code Enforcement Officer

Chief of Police, Thomas Murray 

Thomas Deitman, Mayor

Linda Higgins, Borough Secretary

Robert Powers, Health Inspector, Fire Marshal

Eric Long, Councilman (License & inspections)

Scott Sidlow, Councilman (Recreation)

Perry Sweigart, Councilman, (Ordinances) 

Doug Bull, Vice-President, (Finances)

Anna Guy, Councilwoman (Recycling/MS4)

Joseph Ferguson, BCO/Building Inspector

Ryan Cornog, Road Master

Edward Fisher, Tax Collector