Email blast will go out prior to any "emergency or community event" in Parkside.       




We, here in Parkside, have the best small town police department in Delaware County! Chief Murray, the officers and I are always looking for way to raise the bar of professionalism when it comes to law enforcement and service to the citizens and business owners.

Last night, at the borough council meeting, Chief Murray and I announced a plan to take the Parkside Police Department to the next level of professionalism in police work. Our goal is to have our police department become one of the few departments in the Commonwealth recognized as an accredited policing agency and that goal is about to be realized. This process is comprehensive, intense and covers every policy and procedure under which our police department functions. Our department will be scrutinized by representative from various law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth.

In Delaware County, there are about 35 municipal police departments, of which only four are accredited. All four departments protect townships, Parkside will be the first borough in the county to have an accredited department. Quite an achievement for our “Small but Strong” community.

Chief Murray and I want to thank the members of the borough council for supporting Resolution 1831 which outlines the benefits of accreditation.

If citizens have questions or comments or want to know about the process, please feel free to contact either Chief Murray or me. Both the Chief and I want to thank all our residents for the past support shown to of police officers.


Thomas G. Deitman, Mayor

Borough of Parkside, Delaware Co., PA





As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency declared by the Federal, State and Local governments, the Borough of Parkside provides the following announcement:


Until further notice, monthly Borough Council meetings will be held remotely via electronic video among the Council and essential Borough staff. A recorded version of the meeting will then be posted/linked to the Borough’s website at for public viewing.


Agendas for Borough Council meetings will be posted a minimum of 24 hours ahead of the scheduled meeting at  Meeting Minutes click here  Members of the general public are invited to participate with questions or comments on agenda or Borough issues by submitting written questions or comments by email directly to the Borough Council at . Comments and questions must be submitted no later than 12:00 PM on the day of the scheduled meeting. All questions and comments will be read at the time of the meeting and recorded into the minutes of each Council meeting.


While the Borough regrets any inconvenience this may cause, in a good faith effort to insure public participation while simultaneously protecting everyone’s health and safety, the Parkside Borough Council feels compelled to implement this process during these challenging and unprecedented times. 


Delaware County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Events 2021

Click on link below.

Due to the heavy volume of household trash, starting Friday, April 3, 2020, our trash hauler, B & L, will be picking up bulk (heavy) trash every Friday. However, there is a limit of three items, weekly, per household. This will continue until further notice.


***Canceled until further notice***11/25/2020

“Parkside Borough Council”

Meetings will be videotaped and will then be uploaded to the channel.


Office of The Mayor

Borough of Parkside, Delaware Country, Pennsylvania


By the authority granted to me by the Borough Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as Mayor of theBorough of Parkside, Delaware County, Pennsylvania A STATE OF MEDICAL EMERGENCY- COVID-19 has been declared within the boundaries of the Borough of Parkside, effective at 0001 hours on Wednesday 25 November 2020.

1. COMPLIANCE: This Declaration of Emergency shall be in compliance with all other such declarations as set forth by the Federal, Commonwealth and County  governments regarding laws, orders or mandates concerning the                                                      remediation of the spread of COVID-19.


2. PUBLIC MEETINGS: At its discretion, and for the public good, the Borough Council of the Borough of Parkside, Delaware County, Pennsylvania may invoke  Subchapter E Section 5743 § 5741(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f), otherwise known as  “LOCAL GOVERNMENT MEETINGS: Response to COVID-19 Disaster Emergency”


3. DURATION OF THIS DECLARATION: This declaration shall remain in effect:

 1. Coincidental to any other declarations set forth by Federal, Commonwealth and  County governments and regarding laws, orders or mandates concerning the  remediation of the spread of COVID-19

 At its discretion and for the public good, the Borough Council of the Borough of Parkside, Delaware County Pennsylvania, may extend this declaration by  Councilmanic resolution,

 CITIZEN CONCERNS: Any concerns regarding COVID-19, or the enforcement of this declaration, should be brought to the attention of the Borough of Parkside Health Inspector, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or the  County of Delaware

So issued this 25th day of November 2020

Thomas G. Deitman, Mayor


 **A message to the residents of Parkside from the Parkside Police Department**

The current concern regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an unprecedented health issue impacting our communities. The event has created the need for the Emergency Services Personnel to take several precautions while maintaining our level of service to the community. With that in mind, the Parkside Borough Police Department will adhere to the following modifications to our response and interaction with our residents.

Officers who receive a radio report of an incident will review all information provided by the 911 center to determine the proper response. Some calls will continue to require our officers to respond and take appropriate action. In these cases, that is exactly what they will do. In other cases, the officer may call the individual back via telephone to ascertain the issue at hand. In those cases, the officer may determine that he can gather sufficient information via the phone to file the proper report. Officers may give answers to questions or provide advice to residents, make a report and not respond to your residence or business depending on the circumstances.

When responding to your calls, officers may request that you step outside to speak with them. This is done in order to maintain social distancing and limit the potential to exposure. Our goal is to continue to serve the residents of Parkside while at the same time protecting our officers and their families. Should one of our officers become exposed to the coronavirus the impact could have a severe impact on our ability to serve you. With this in mind, we ask for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times.

Thank you Thomas J. Murray Jr. Chief of Police


Announcement from 

Shirley Purcival, President of Council.

Dear Parkside Residents,                                                           March 9, 2020

As President of Council, I would like to inform you that Delaware County Council and Emergency Services held a conference call with local officials in which Vice President Doug Bull, Code Officer Nick Capobianco, Chief Murray and myself were able to participate in.  Delaware County Council, for financial and Emergency personnel reasons, has declared a State of Emergency due to the situation with Covid-19  (Coronavirus).  This Declaration will enable the County to spend money on emergency supplies, meet unbudgeted costs that occur with this virus and also apply for any State and/or Federal funds, if made available, to recoup any unbudgeted funds.

 As of today, Delaware County has one confirmed case.  The County offices and Court system are open.  School districts are open and each school district will make the call to or when to close, based on any contamination.  As of now, there is no need to close any schools but the County has asked all residents to follow the safety guidelines that have been stated on numerous newscasts, internet, and social media.

If you or your family members are elderly or have underlining health issues,  please avoid large gatherings.  As we have heard, symptoms could be a heavy chest with a dry cough and shortness of breath, body aches and a temperature of 100.4. The county is asking, that if you have these symptoms not to immediately go to the emergency room.    They have asked that you contact 1-877-Pa-health.   The State Board of Health will question you as to your symptoms and will direct you to the emergency services equipped to test you.  If you do call "911" they will be asking you the same questions and direct you to the State Board of Health.  

Please be assured that our emergency personnel will be taking safety precautions and our Borough council will continually be updated on any changes with this virus.  You may also check the Delaware County website for information as to what is open, what changes are forthcoming and general questions concerning the coronavirus.

Thank you.   Shirley Purcival, President of Council.