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 We received word yesterday from our trash hauler of a new recycle restriction being       implemented immediately.

 Recyclables cannot be in any type of trash bag or they will no longer be taken. Therefore, put   your recyclables directly into the can or receptacle without bagging it!  
We have been told by   B&N that there is too much general trash within the recycled materials so when they reach a   certain amount of trash within a specific load they must reject the entire load.
 Try to spread the word to your neighbor!



If a resident still has not received a recycle can please call the Borough office @ 610-876-3659.  If you received an extra recycle can, call the Borough office and it will be picked up.

The Town Watch Program is alive and well. Council has purchased portable radios and heavy duty  flashlights to start the procedure to bring this worthwhile Program back into service. If anyone is interested in becoming a member of this Program, an application must be filled out. Also a background check will be completed by the police department. Please contact Mark Townsend, Residential Coordinator at 484-844-2471 or for an application or stop at the Borough Offices during normal business hours.   We are all very excited about this new Program.

As a reminder, when parents are dropping off or picking up students at the school, during school hours, please do not make a left hand turn out of the parking lot. This protects the children and keeps traffic flowing along Edgmont Avenue.