Mayor & Council

Ardele R. Gordon, Mayor

"I have lived in Parkside for over 40 years.  I was raised in Green Ridge and Brookhaven and was part of the first class to graduate from Sun Valley in 1963.  I am married to Ted, the mother of two grown children, Ted and Vicki, and 2 grandchildren.  I was the President of Parkside Teacher League in the 70's, organizing book sales, field days, school fairs, talent shows and Easter egg hunts.

I have been a part of every committee of the borough council except the streets department.  I declined an offer to run for state office because my life and love are local concerns.  Having over 2700 residents in less than one square mile, I know there will be differences between people.  I believe we all strive for a healthy and happy environment.

Being a part of the Parkside Council from 1976 until now, with only a four year break from 1996 until 2001, I know that understanding our past will guide us toward the future."


Council Members

Shirley Purcival, Council President

Nick Capobianco, Vice President,  Police & Public Safety

Doug Bull, Recycling / MS4 / Floodplain

Eric Long, Recreation

Rob Powers,  Public Works / Property

William Howell,  Licenses & Inspections

Thomas Deitman,  Ordinances / Finance